Friday, June 21, 2013

Days Go By

My mom gave me some papers I had written back in high school and it was like reading something that someone else had written entirely. I couldn't remember writing it, reading it, being proud enough of it to turn it in as an assignment - nothing. And high school is not far enough in my rear view mirror to be a blurry slate, nor am I old enough to be losing my memory. It made me realize how valuable our memories are and that they are not as sharp as I once thought. Not in the slightest.

So, it's time to start remembering. And if that's done electronically and through words - so be it! At least this way, I can log-in and recall whatever I want, whenever I want, anytime. No digging through papers, no worrying they will burn.  And no reader will ever know how terrible of a speller I am.

My sweet Max is about to be 16 months. This sounds so much older than 15 months. In fact, I find myself saying "15 months" when people ask instead of rounding up like I usually do. He's turning into a toddler, a little boy, before my very eyes. Not  really classified under "baby" anymore, he's just an amazing thing. He's smart and strong. This Father's Day can atest to that...

For Father's Day this year, I thought I would plan the perfect day for Nate. He had gone to lunch with his buddy the day before and mentioned his friend said he wanted to do "nothing" for Father's Day - just sit and not be bothered to move. I thought, "How sad! He wants to sit and do nothing! Not my husband, we're going to have FUN!"

So, the day started by Max flailing backward half-asleep while I let Nate sleep in, giving me a black eye. Thankfully it could be covered with makeup. Next up was the PERFECT breakfast of muffin-french-toast which really just turned out so small that Nate was hungry by 10am. And after that, and 3 trips to the grocery store later for forgotten items, I had a homemade picnic prepared to take to Eagle Island where we would watch our happy boy frolic in the beautiful lake. We arrived to an overly-crowded river, where we were nicely booted from our freshly laid out spot by a forest ranger, had to endure second-hand smoke from a stranger nearby, and a very overly tired little Max who only wanted to squirm and scream and run toward the crowded, dangerous river. I felt sick in the sun (5 months pregnant here) so Nate spent his relaxing picnic chasing our screaming baby away from the water...

Fast forward to dinner! In my infinite wisdom, I invited my whole family over for a BBQ! Not thinking that 1) this would mean cleaning our house (before AND after) and 2) Nate BBQing for everyone. Whoops. So, as we're quickly cleaning and making trips 7 & 8 to the grocery store for forgotten items, Max ran full-speed into the table and turned his entire cheek purple.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, Max also ripped THREE kitchen drawers apart. THREE. Rendered un-usable and had to be completely removed, leaving holes in the cabinets. (THREE OF THEM!!!!) And somewhere in the middle of that, a big ol' bird decided to commit suicide on the front windows in our house, leaving a massive bird on the porch, feet high in the air. Happy Father's Day, honey! Could you fix these three drawers and scrape the dead bird from the porch before my family arrives...?

 My family finally arrived right about when Max smashed his face, causing confusion and me to forget to put half the food in the oven (what a waste). And also to burn everything I did have on the stove (repeatedly) until when the smoke alarms went off for the 9th time & I handed my brothers some towels and told them to fan the alarms next time it happens. Meanwhile, I burned my hand in the oven.

Nate BBQ'd beautifully and we had a great meal, until I got sick in the middle of it (pregnant) and he had to come see if I was dying in the bathroom.

And finally, by the end of it all, I was so tired and hurting, Nate offered to clean up the rest of the big mess I had so lovingly created.

Happy Father's Day to him. The most wonderful husband and father in the entire world. Next year, maybe we'll be really boring and do "nothing." :)

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